Lasting 60 minutes at the Tour of The North

Everyone rider try’s to lift them self for the Easter 3 day stage. This year saw the race based around Ballymena. I knew I was going to have a tough weekend with training at an all time low. When other things take over training you tend to tell your self your going ok, but only yourself knows how good or bad one is going. I’d hopped to get through day one with out digging to deep, but on the first challenge I was at max effort and dropped. I wasn’t for riding another 30 miles to “finish” and to get dropped the next day. This would have been another kick in the balls mentality.

I’ve had a few of these recently, the big one that my dad, big Brian is fighting cancer. He seems to be winning and is in good spirits. So riding a bike and even racing a bike is a bit of cluster f**k at the moment.

Once I’d climbed of I took the job up of team manager. We had Ben Joughin from England guest riding for us. Ben sprinted to a 2nd place on the 4th stage last year so we knew he had a great chance. On this years opening stage he managed to match it. Ben was well looked after by the other guys on the squad and held on to a 6th over all.

It was great to work with riders that have never race the TON before and see them finish. 3 solid days racing will stand to them as long as they look after them selves. Hopefully I can fit in another one next year, though I did like the job of driving the team car. A big hats of to Joan McCullough and her team, so amount of effort went into setting up that race.

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