Mallorca April 2017

So another weeks cycling in Mallorca dusted. I had planned a 100 miler spin. I ended up doing 3 and getting a total of 505.4 miles in 6 cycling days. Going from 7 hours a week to 7 hours a day has taken its toll on the nether regions. A lot of climbing done with some of the favourable climbs of Mallorca stroked off. Sa clobra, puig and soller. A day out to Alcudia was also the queen stage. But this is the only thing to do in Mallorca with temperatures in the 20’s. we got rained off one day but used is a shopping/rest day. Cabin fever started to set in.

Power meter decided to die on the 2nd day so it was old school with the heart rate for the long climbs. A look on Strava and comparing rides from the last few year showed a lack of form in the climbs. I did ride them all in the big ring at a slower RPM. Clobra was the hardest at 40 odd min in the hurt locker.On the other hand a PR was set for blast we do to end each run. A nice service road from lucjmajor to Arenal saw me miss the KOM by a few seconds. This KOM see’s hundreds of cyclists a day.

We had rain on the 4th day and used this as a rest and hit Palma via bus, full tourist mode. Here we visited the Rapha shop. I just don’t get it, and as one person quoted…

Rapha is golfers ruining cycling

Nice to bump into fellow cyclists and a friendly wave when you are miles from home is a surreal feeling. This usually happens at the top of the great mountain tops.

The coffee stop still consists of the ham and cheese baguette, coke and coffee and a share of the aqua. It’s also consists off a full run down of the last 40 miles cycled and a panic about the planned route home.

What way home… How far… many hills…

One thing that seems to be moving a bit slower is the hotels. The booking system seemed to have messed up and we needed up in a neighbouring hotel. Wifi at £40 for the week. Retro buffe, but a big plate of pasta will please me.

This has to be the busiest I have seen the island. A constant stream of riders on Randa today made for an interesting accent and race with some locals. Also was the famous 312 on. An event that is just shy of 200 miles, in one day.

I had thought about the Tour Of the Glens, but with the 500 up I ticked more boxes than expected. Time to rest and work on the sharper end of the training spectrum before racing. Roll on next year.

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