What to do next after Big Miles

So you’ve done a big block of miles one week. What to do the following week. Well, there is no right or wrong. It would all depend on what way you did you miles the week before. Did you do shorter runs towards the end of the week so you’d be less tired? Had you a massive spin on the last day? Did you have a bit of a late flight home or even hit the drink?

Either way you’re going to be tired from all the cycling day after day. If you get it correct a few easy spins will loosen up the legs. Your first race is the only true test to where your form is. Your never going to be flying the following weekend after a big training week. I always found it to be a few weeks. Once I’d got back, rested and done some short intensive stuff.

The only way you’re going to get the correct rest vs intense training is to be truthful to yourself. If you’re out pedalling and you feel strong keep it in the legs. If your hurting on shorter ramps that you know you shouldn’t be then your F**ked. Take more rest. Stock up on the recovery drinks and vitamin c.

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