Tour of Not the mournes. 

Who ever said that needs a good slap. That was the name giving to yesterday’s race when A1 riders weren’t permitted to ride it. But this was due to a small entry of only 15 riders one year. Yesterday’s race was sold out and attracted some top riders.

Newry wheelers had put on a great course, not just a simple straight out and back loop, but a bit of thought process. The sting in the tail with the biggest climb of the day, up past santas grotto. 

This is where I got shelled. I did feel ok going into the race and was just simply glued to the road. At one point I thought I’d punctured. Managed to get into the break on the coast road, but the guys where flying and I just didn’t have it. 

I ended up rolling in a few min down, but with the sun shine there was no complaints, just the bit about 2 Newry men sitting on me. 

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