School boy error: food

So after 15 years racing you’d think one would not mistakes. A simple lunch didn’t cut it for last nights Clubs race. Ards CC put on a excellent show on a new course, Ballygowan Circuit. 

For as long as I’ve been racing I’ve attended the Ards Time Trails and road races. They don’t get easier and always attract big names. A great work out. 

A frantic start last night was the scene as we had 10 min to bring back to the first group. I bonked on lap 3 of 4 and knew it was a question of time before I was a shelled. I think the group ran out of road and a guy in one of the earlier groups won. 

A simple mistake of not eating enough took its toll. In the good weather it’s easy to think one will be alright. I was seeing stars coming home and slept well. The great thing is when I am swinging most think it’s a bluff. 

Danny on picture duty

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