Enve Wheels

So I got lent a pair of Enve wheels from a good friend. I have rode lots of good wheels in the past and didn’t think they would be anything special. Spent a week on them in Mallorca, the best pace to ride a bike, in the world. 

The main thing with these particular wheels are they the where a custom build by Joe from Velo cafe in belfast. Chris king hubs setting the 30mm rims. The front rim having a mat breaking surface that came in handy on the descents in Mallorca. 

The rear whee with a lovely freewheel sound like no other I’ve heard. I could notice that there where really stuff on the climbs. Even more so that when I put my training wheels in the other day I thought they were loose.

On the flats they rolled well but not as much as wheels I’ve had in the past, this man only due to the fact that they where 65mm and tubs. The enve are clincher with 25’s. 

They did attract some attention, mainly from tall Swiss riders in Assos gear. This must be linked to the £2500 price paid. 

A wheel that I can’t fault, bar the price tag. I do like the fact that they are plain spokes and nothing fancy like mavic.

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