Cross is coming, 25-8-17

Yes, cross is coming. Plans are already happening at my end, with organising races with my excellent team of friends and family. First up we have a Training day on Sunday 20th of August. This will be held in Orangefield Park. Next up is GP Kinning Cycles on Friday 25th August. Again in Orangefield Park. Mid season we will be hosting The Ulster Cyclocross Champs at Mallusk. Then to end the season of we aim to host one last race. We are Trying to secure one of last years venue’s for this.

After running 5 races last year, a league and the Ulster champs, we have slimmed lined them down to 3 events. I personly was running on empty last year with the fact that I was trying to race as well. Some effort went into running the races from my club, most of the day before was used, and some 5 am starts with 9 pm home times.

Training Day

The training day is open to all but will have limited numbers. Like last year’s format, we will set up different sections, run through some basic elements, equipment, and race talk.  Riders will be invited to submit questions and elements they would d like to practice. At the end of the session, we aim to run a small mock race to apply the skills to.

GP Kinning Cycles

This will be the 3rd year of the race. Moving the date forward has enabled us to drop the lights which caused some issues last year. We will still have the evening feel as the light will still be dropping. We are also able to use other sections of the park that we weren’t able to light up last year. The big issue of car parking will addressed this year with the local school being on board. As expected, the velodrome will be one of the main features.

Ulster Cross Champs

Having run the champs here last year we opted to use it again. With some of the other venues, we had issues such as the public and access the day before. Using Mallusk gives us free range of the park and access the day before to set up a championship course.

January Race

For our race in January, we are waiting to get a thumbs up from the parks. Avoiding the New Year’s dates avoids the licence problems that occurred.

Team plans

For our team this year we are waiting on Cycling Ireland Producing the criteria for World Team selection. Once this is set we can sit down and look at what races to aim for, this may be in Belgium or UK.

Still on board for this year is BioRacer who will provide an Ulster Champs Jersey for the winners. This will be for display only and not be able to race in. Victory Chimp will be the man behind the design. Danny & The Belgian Project will back us via Social Media and commentary. We hope to have some offers on cross bikes from TREK Bike UK and Kinning Cycles


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