Chaos few weeks.

​So the last few weeks have been pure chaos. Dad, aka Big Brian, had been fighting cancer from Christmas time. And on the 15th he lost that fight. Asbestos. Ok fucker of a disease. To see a man that could ride 100 miles with no issues to be unable to even shave. Though through all this he did not lose his wit or pride.

At the same time, I had a cyclocross training day that I had to pull the plug on. Also, we had Orangefield cyclocross to run. Good friend Mark Harvey and Andrew Patton would have my back and took the bull by the horn.

The event went ahead and as expected it was a great success. At the same time, one of my dad’s wishes was not to be forgotten. Now anyone that knew him, knows this is not possible. So we dedicated the race to him, GP Brian Kinning. A nice little trophy to add to the prestige.

Training has not been where I would like but is one ever really happy with form or always wanting more. Raced last week in Fixx Round one. Used the head more than the legs.

On another note, I’ve also started a Vlog. Bideo blog. Basically, me talking Shite and publicising it. There seems to be a demand for it and people like to watch and see what others do. I’ll aim for a monthly vlog at the moment. Still, a lot to learn. So feel free for any feedback.

Few weeks until Lurgan cyclocross and time to start booking a trip to Belgium.

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