Throwback: Racing in Belgium 2015 (Hasselt & Koksijde)

In 2005 Kinning Cycles & I ventured to Belguim. The Homeland of cycling, never mind cyclocross. I was the only rider to race as another club member pulled out at the last moment. This passion funded from racing the World Cup the year before at Miltion Keynes. I took on GP Hasselt, part of the Souldal Classic races. Cold wet conditions and the best riders in the world. A pure shock to the system.

On the Sunday I had the World Cup at Koksijde. Sand sand and sand. It was sleet showers this day and as it is an airfield it was very exposed to the wind. The coldest I have ever been. I was out of my depth racing in the sand, but managed to get on the TV, when I was getting lapped. By Sven Nys and Wout Aert.

A few mistakes made along the way, traveling along the Rosslare boat. Never again, was still rocking the next day in work. But this was all part of the learning curve. I’ll be able to pass what I learn into younger riders. Show them that you can race against the best riders in the world and there is no shame in what position you finish. But as long as you give it your all.

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