Kinning Vlog – About

So over the last few weeks, I’ve focused on adding a some videos onto Youtube. Trying out diffrent content. Happy with how it’s going and experimenting with posting on this WordPress site, posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This week I’ve focused on doing a ‘Daily Vlog‘ and played around with different apps from GoPro and iMovie. Just to see what it is like. Hats of to the daily bloggers, cyclists or not, it requires some effort. Putting out 2 Vlogs a week suit me more. The views per video are ok for the amount of effort that I am putting in. But with playing around with a few settings this week I am starting to see a few changes.

Some good feedback received at Lurgan about the videos and the content. And for the haters, at least I know people are seeing them. My main aim is to pass on the knowledge that I have gained and hopefully pass onto others. And have a luagh along the way.

This weeks Daily Volg Test.

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