Derby Cyclocross

A hard weekend at Britsih National Trophy round 1 at Derby. Saturday night boat to Liverpool and a 2hr drive to Derby. Seemed like the best plan on paper, but a 5am wake-up call was a shock to the system.

I never got going in my race and lacked any sort of power and momentum. Small climbs and slow corners became a bigger effort more so than they should have been. I was gridded on the first row, a decent start but once in the sandpit, I went backwards. There was just nothing there. I ended up just outside the top 20. Lee also seemed on the back foot finished a few places off where he would have liked to have been. Chris, who I got numbers mixed up with was also running on empty.

Bar all that great course, venue and set up. This wont be the last Bristish round, but time to draw a line under it. Next up is a training block for Belgium in 2 weeks. Time to get the finger out.

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