Training in the Sand For Koksjide

2 years I rode the cyclocross World Cup in Belgium Koksjide. This course has a lot of sand. I did a few spins in the sand before hand but this wasn’t enough. Also this had to be the coldest day in a Bike. It was to cold to snow.

Last year I rode a race in sint Nicklass And went a bit better in the sand. But the Pro made it look so easy. Sand that you could barley walk in, and these guys are racing in it for 200m section, U turn and back.

For koksjide this year I put a full session in at Newcastle. Deep sand, flat, dry, wet, up and down. All tried and tested. Tried to ride up banks as far as I could and done this time after time. A few hours later and more in control of the bike in the deep sand. Hope this stands by us this weekend.

Tired legs from the work out. On paper it dose not look that hard but some big watts for short efforts.

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