Fixx rd 4

The last round of the Fixx Coffee Supercross was held at Russborough House. I have leading the over all from round 1 and needed to finish 3rd to get the over all win.

The course was a balance of tyre pressure, to hard loose in the corners in the lower half. To spot risk a flat in the forest. I went for hard. Lost a lot of time in the lower filed but felt great in the upper half. Rode steady opener then seat came loose on the Boone due to a bad remount. Swaped bikes and got the afterburners lit. Lit to much, slid out heavy on the tarmac and got some bad road rash. Got up quilt and keep heading. Race for the lead was over. I was now racing for 3rd. No ride where 4th was so kept it steady to get recomposed. Happy to finish 4rd and take the over all. Another box ticked for myself.

Stiff and sore the following morning. A lot of road rash on the arse but on to next weekend.

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