Holidays Part 2

Up next was our drive to Chester, we parked up at Blakemere caravan site. Another great site bar the stone chipping drive ways, everything got dusty, but then there is a heat wave.  Large big playing fields, clean showers and bathroom facilities.

Chester Zoo. Hmm, the first shock was the £86 entry fee. This included a 10% charge for conservation. Once we got over this shock the next challenge was actually trying to spot some animals. Very little on show IMO. Best part of the day standing waiting on a boat that had heath and safety 100. Only creatures spotted on this was the dragon files and ducks. The most fun was had at the free flying bat cave. Chester Zoo: Avoid.

Another box to tick was, shopping, we hit Chester Oaks. Not a place to bring 2 young kids, in sweltering heat. Plenty of outlets and few placed to grab a coffee. Not my cup of tea though.

A quick dander round Chester, no pram. Nice walled city and a quick drink at “The Church” bar. Would definitely like to spend more time here.


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