Tour of the North 2019


Stage one we had very little time with the camera as we had a lot to do. Numbers pinned on, debate the number of pins, bottles and kit to sort. Factor 25 for myself slapped on the head. A Fast and furious start saw a lot of compressions with cars parked on the right.

I got dropped on the first big lap on lap one. Due to fitness and positioning. A few wheels forward an I wouldn’t have got dropped that lap but the next. Same difference. I finished 15 min or so down. Guest rider David Montgomery finished 2nd on the Stage.

Stage two: Time Trail. This is where we pick the Blog up. I can’t say I went that deep as I wasn’t that fussed or had the leg to go fast. Again David Montgomery was the man finishing 2nd on the TT and now up there on GC.

Stage 3: Rougery* I knew this was going to be a struggle for me with y current fitness. Lap 1 ok, got over in the group, lap 2 a little more of a chase. Next lap out the back. As someone said to me, It is what it is. I did a few turns on the font as I knew I wasn’t making it over. But id rather go out the back like this than sitting in the group watching the race.

I missed the Monday stage due to a wedding, but David Montgomery again got up the road and animated the race, he finished 2nd over al on GC


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